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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Work with Walter Pall!!!

Here is a note from Walter Pall.....

"I will be at Nature's Way Nursery in Harrisburg, PA at the beginning ofApril. This time we will offer very special workshops. There are morethan 30 outstanding collected trees that we work on. These are RockyMountain Junipers and Ponderosa Pines of exceptional quality. Some ofthem are clearly material for world class bonsai.We will do with the trees whatever need to be done at their stage. Thiswill be lifting form the container, examining roots. taking out olddebris from the root ball, cutting branches, deciding about futureshape, reducing foliage, cleaning trunks, potting into bonsai pots. Theparticipants will actually work with these trees hands on. I willexplain every step, what, how and why. I will go into the horticulturalside at length and certainly also into the artistic side. We will notstyle a single tree, but participants will get a good picture of thefuture of each tree. I will also make professional photographs of thetrees during the sessions. Folks who are interested will get my adviceabout how to make professional bonsai images.Most of the trees are available for sale by Jim Doyle. They arecertainly not cheap though. It is not required that someone purchasesany tree. Prices can NOT be quoted at this point in time. Trees willhave a price tag at the beginning of April though.Dates: general workshops with several participants: Friday , April 4(9am to 5pm) and Sunday, April 6 (10am to 5pm). I am also available onSaturday, April 5 and Monday, April 7 for individual sessions if required.Contact Nature's Way Nursery, Jim Doyle for the workshops and Jim ormyself for the individual sessions.See the trees here"

A real unique chance to own hand picked phenominal trees from a world renowned bonsai master. Most of these trees spent over a year in my back yard so I know they are outstanding quality and ready for work. Bonsai folks on the East Coast should take advantage of this oppurtunity to work on and own some outstanding material.

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James said...

Great blog Jason! Have fun in Harrisburg and when you get back I'd love to buy one of your field grown tridents.