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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mt. Hemlock

Here is a Mt. Hemlock I took in on trade. It is a collected tree that was for sale in a landscape nursery. I had to cut the top 4 feet off when bringing it home so that it didn't stick up above my truck. That was fine since I knew this would be a small tree in no time.
This tree sat in my front yard in the nursery container for a few months before I worked on it. A very good friend of mine came to town and we worked on it one night while BBQ'n!
After the initial styling.....
This tree came out very good. This work was done at the beg. of Feb and now the buds are swelling and looking very good. While doing root work there was a good amount of new root growth.
In the future, more wirring and a better pot will be in order. For now, it is going to regain strength and look good on my bench.

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