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Monday, April 21, 2008

Fat Little Ponderosa Pine

Here is a nice little ponderosa pine that I have been working on for about 3 years now. Trunk at the soil line is about 6" and the tree is about 22" tall.
As collected in 2005

Oct. 2006 I did the intial styling... still in big mica pot. This image is my avatar on a few bonsai forums...I just liked the sky in the background... looks kinda cool.
This brings us to today, April 2008.... time for some more work. With the beverage of choice for scale. In a Chinese pot, potted in early 2007.
Some branch bending, with some really cool branch benders. I love it when one can employ tools!
Close up of the rock that the tree has grown over.... natural root over rock.
After a complete re-style... A new front was choosen that would show the best trunk movement. This meant all branching had to me moved and complete re-style. In the end it will make for a much better tree. Over the next few years I will focus on backbudding and getting it into a new pot.
Old front after restyle.
New front after restyle.
I lost a little bit of the trunk girth at the soil line with this new front but now the trunk leans to the viewer and the movement is 10X better than before. Once in a new pot it will be even better. I am thinking that the back branch will be trimmed up getting rid of the foliage on the bottom right that you see now.


chris mandia said...

that is so cool. could i just work with any type of pine and get the same look??

Jason said...

Almost any species of pine will work but to get the results I have posted you must start with excellent material and have some know how in bonsai.

It takes practice, have fun!