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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some recent work......

Just a few things that have been given a little love over the past few weeks....
Large Japanese Maple.

In 5 years it will be a stunner! The front will change from the picture below.
Cutting it back this hard was the right thing to do, infact it should have been
done 3 years ago....instead of wasting the past 3 years on this one. Live and learn.

Ponderoas pine now in a Mike Hagedorn pot. I love this tree and it can only get better
from here. Pot is nice, but not the final pot.
Fatty elm after letting it grow unchecked last year.

Changed the front and did lots of branch work. Give this one a few years then watch out! :)
I know, bad picture quality! This tree was posted on BonsaNut last which some
did virtuals of it in a naturalistic style. I liked what they did but this trunk lends itself to a more
traditional styling. This is what the tree needs and wants, it wants to be short, super fat and powerful. Better pictures to come this spring.

Crabapple with a 4" trunk...bigger than you would think.

Roots......tons of them! Anderson flats and pumice do amazing things, no matter the species of tree

In a large oval pot. Need to work on branch ramification now.

Shohin Ponderosa

Same tree in a clamshell style pot by Sir Knight. One he was going to throw away.
This will look good in summer and next spring when the accents get established and fill in a bit.
But its a start!

Amny more to post later.... But for now here is one that is now in line for some work,
 a rather large pine...... My good buddy Tony there as "bonsai model extrordinare", lol!