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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Huge Ponderosa Pine

Here is a phenominal Ponderosa that is very large and clearly a good tree. It has been in a box or a pot for a few years now. Since it is super healthy I felt it was time to finally style the tree. A very good friend of mine was over and we worked on it. I had 2 style ideas for this tree and in the end I went with this..... the right choice.

This is just the intial styling and will dramatically change in the next couple of years. So for now we bent some very large and thick branches using rebar, guy wires, steel bars, and lots of very heavy gauge copper guy wires. Some branches were as thick or thicker as a grown mans bicep!
Here is a photo history of the tree from repotting last year to first styling Feb 2008.
Rich List working playing in the dirt!
Rich cleaning the root base..... either a big tree or he has very small hands!

Again, Rich cleaning roots....

Now that is a very large ponderosa!!
Front (note the beer bottle on the right edge of pot for size)


Now it is Feb 2008 and time to style. The buds are very healthy, needle color is excellent and there is a huge amount of new root growth.... time to bend!
I didn't get hardly any photos of actual work in progress, but I managed to get a few, I was too busy working to take pictures.
Finished for now!!!
Over the next few years it will fill in with new growth and become very full. I will be looking for the right pot to aquire so that I can repot in a few years. This ponderosa has seen a major transformation and is now on the path to becoming something very special.


Peter said...

That is one nice Ponderosa Pine!! Its huge! How high up was it found growing? I have its equivalent in the form of a Mountain Hemlock. I'll post a pic soon.

Jason said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks! THis tree was collected at about the 5000 to 6000 ft range. It isn't so much about the elevation as it is the growing conditions.
I would love to see your Mt Hemlock, that is my favorite species.... I actually will be heading north next year collecting Mt Hemlock.
Please email me at so I can see your Hemlocks!

THanks, Jason