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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scots Pine

Here is a Scots pine that I picked up at a very small hidden nursery in the middle of nowhere. The trunk on this tree has very good bark and a nice subtle movement. I started working on this tree on Thanksgiving day with Brother in Law Rich while on mini vacation with the wives.

Here you will see what I started with and what I was able to finish with. Wow, what a lot of fine detail wiring on this one. Wirring this tree really helped me to improve on my wirring skills and now I look at it and am almost embarraesed at how bad of a job I did!! It's not that bad, really!! haha

Before and afters.....Pot made in China

Not a bad transformation. Trunk is about 4" and the tree is about 26"tall. Once this tree has a few years to fill out and then make the final branch selections it will be a very good tree. I do not forsee all these branches staying.... some will have to go!

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