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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

European Hornbeam

Here is a field grown European Hornbeam.
This is a nice elegant tree with good lines. I don't have a before photo for some reason so you will have to settle for the final photos of the intial styling. Once this has a chance to ramify it will be a pretty nice tree.

The trunk had some reverse taper that I had to carve away and also some scars that I did some cleaning up on. These will heal in time and look like old hallows you see on old maples and oaks here in the NW.

Japanese Pot before and Chinese pot after.



Front from a slightly different angle.

As one can see it can be a good bonsai from all angles not just the front. Again this is the first time wire has ever hit this tree so it can only get better in the future.


Bob said...

Enjoyed the Hornbeam, Jason. I am working on one, but it is in a broom style. It will be interesting to see how the scars heal up. Nice tree.

Jason said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the comments. I like the way this tree turned out for it's first styling. Now to work on some ramification and fine tune the scars and hallows next year.

I am glad you like this hornbeam, I will update with pictures in leaf.

Regards, Jason