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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sub Alpine FIr

Here is a collected Sub Alpine Fir. It started out as elegant fir in the "mother daughter" or twin trunk style. After sitting on my bench for a few years I decided it was finally time to do something or sale it to someone. This winter I decided on the direction to go with it.

Before any work

Then after trunk splitting, linning the split with aluminum wire and wrapping with rafia the adding more wire to the outside. I needle pruned all the older needles to open the foliage pads up and make it easier to wire to the ends of the branches.

I am pretty happy with the results of the intial styling. Next year I will be able to fix the root sticking up, get it into a much better pot and make fine adjustments to the branches if needed.


Nåt franskt. said...

Hi Jase!

Is the top pic the front?

Emil aka "No, it's not..."

Jason said...

Hi Emil,

Very nice to see you here... yes the top picture is the front, the first picture with work done. This may change a few degrees next season when I repot.