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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mugo Pine

Here is a good little mugo pine from a little nursery. This has been in a contianer for almost 12 yrs and has a nice single trunk with good movement.

Here is what I started with.....

From here it looks like just a typical landscape mugo pine. There is a tree lurking in there somewhere.....
Mid way photos, front and back...


While this is a good transformation, I picked all the right branches to save and got rid of the ones that wouldn't fit into my overall vision of the tree. The tree sat like this for about 2 months then I decided to finally finish it. I had to wire every shoot and pot it in a pot by Erin Pottery.


Elevated front

I am pretty happy with how this came out for a first styling. It looks like an almost finished bonsai as compared to what it started as and what I have seen others post with nursery mugos.
There is still room for improvement on this tree, but that will come next year and the years after. For now, I will enjoy this little pine.


Walter Pall said...

sorry, I have deleted the first comment because of a silly typo.
Now again:

Cool site Jason and cool mugo. Welcome to the club.

Walter Pall

Jason said...

Thanks Walter, I am glad you like the site and the tree!! See You soon!