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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Super fat Japanese Maple, seen in last years post on the blog. I have cut it back very hard to induce more back budding as I rebuild the tree.

Crab is flowered out! Smells very nice! What a show.

Linden is coming along nicely. A few more years will give us some good ramification.. I am happy with this tree.

Back view


Larry said...

That Crab does look really good! I'd love to get my hands on one of those-looks quite old,nice job!

And a Linden, thats quite unusual to see as a bonsai,nice one(we call them Lime trees here in England)

Nitsuj said...

hey why don't you put more pics that will almost teach or even help other like taking pictures of you making, fixing preparing a bonsai tanks a lot

Jason said...

Hi Larry,

yes, the linden or lime is normally seen in Europe as bonsai and not so common in the US. I like this tree a lot, it has come a long ways in a short time frame.

Hi Nitsuj,

In the future maybe I will try to do just that. But this all takes time to do but maybe I will try.

THanks, Jason