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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Austrian Black Pine

This is a little black pine that was given to me by a good friend. It was styled years ago and since has been in California at a bonsai sitters nursery. It found its way into my garden last year in February.
Here it is as I received it.

After thinning of needles and adding wire.

Here is a picture of it today before I started...(the off color is from the florescent lighting.
Top view
And potted up for now. I know this isn't the perfect pot for this tree, but I will find the right pot for the next repot. For now though, it is nice to have it out of them ugly container it was in and also to get it into a mix of large akadama, pumice and lava. I like this pine, and think with a few more seasons of managing the new growth it can be an excellent medium sized pine. Thanks Ryan!!!

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