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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jennifer's Group Planting.

This is a group planting that Jenn saw at the BSOP Christmas party auction table a few years back. It was looking pretty ok that night, trimmed up, the pot was oiled and overall is was a nice little tree. But I knew what would would end up in my care, loll!!!! The bad part it that it sat on the bench last year whithout getting rotated the on the back side there was little growth due to bieng shaded out.
I don't think it liked the ice storms and cold temps we had.... but the cambium is still nice and green and I think it will respond well. I am 75% sure this a variety of honeysuckle....the previous owner kept good notes that are in my desk somewhere.
Before, a big overgorwn ugly "chia pet"~!!! haha
After~ Back
After~ Front. Basic trimming, some branch selection and also moving some trunks and branches. While not a super great group, it is very cool and in person looks much nicer and I think it is on its way to becoming a nice elegant group. Nice tree Jenn! :)

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