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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rich's Ponderosa

A few years ago Rich got this ponderosa from Oregon Bonsai because it some very cool deadood sub trunks that are no longer part of the tree. He had us over for a bbq yesterday and worked on this tree. Once we started looking at it and noticing that most of the front of the trunk was dead. So we pulled out the pcoket knives and started looking for the live vien, pictures show that most of the inner side is alive, everything else is dead! Cool!

Initially we wanted to pt a few bends into the trunk....however since we found all the deadwood we had to re-evalute the plan of attack. Here is what we came up with.....

Using the branch bender we would just squeeze this section together and go from there. I wanted to seperate the live vien from the deadwood all along but Rich wanted to go the safe route is possible...

Above you can see the deadwood starting to split from the pressure of the sounded like "Snap, Crackle and Pop"!!
Below, Rich using a cheater bar to keep turning!

After Rich added this last turn I looked and seen that it would be real simple to seperate the live from the dead and continue like I originally wanted to do. Picture below shows after we seperated by hand...
Adding some wire....then raffia and more wire.
Final images for now. Next year when the rafia and wife come off Rich will be able to clean the deadwood that is under the rafia to make it look a bit better. He may also pot it in a round pot or more suitable pot at that time. The trunk is pretty straight and kind of boring so we wanted to hang the foliage in front of the trunk to make a smaller tree and use it to distract from the tall straight trunk. For an initial styling it isn't too shabby!

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