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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Pot Parade!

Here are some Erin Pots that I recently got from brother inlaw Rich over at obpots. Check the link to the right....

First Pot By Charels Gluskoter. Next year we will have more of his pots available. The glazing is second to none....looks like was dug out of the ground after hundereds of years. Excellent!!
Eris Pots Below

This little Crescent is a killer pot, one of my favorites! Can't wait to get a little collected pine or juniper in it!

Below, 10" round. Looks small in the picture.

Below....Big semi-cascade pot, 12" opening! One of my favorites!
Killer accent pot!!!
Cool pot for some rare grass' that I have!
These Erin Pots are excellent pots and the pricing is really good for imported custom pots. I am a fan of Erin Pottery, the accent pots are killer, and his bigger pots are very natural and rustic making a nice fit for old yamadori.... I thank for going out on a limb and bringing killer pots to the NW area. I expect that once people find out about obpots Rich will have a hard time keeping pots on the shelves. Oh, they ship too!!!! Tell him Jason sent ya!

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