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Monday, July 7, 2008

Virtual Potting of the killer RMJ

Walter Pall was kind enough to do 3 virtuals of the tree in the post below. Here he put the tree in 3 different pots....kinda cool to see what the future looks like.....
I am a year or 2 away from potting so I have time to find the right one....I will start buying a few pots of this size asap so I have a few to try on for size when it comes time to pot this tree.
Which one do you like best?

Pot 2, my choice so far....

Ofcourse my favorite picture of the weekend....My wonderful wife and child!!


Allyen said...

Jason, beautiful RMJ! I found the pictures visiting Walter's blog. I am a very newby novice with bonsai and am wondering how you have learned the art and gotten plugged in with people of Walter's caliber.

Do you have workshops you recommend or have you taught yourself with books etc.? I am in Denver CO and I guess I should try to hook up with the local club. But I am such a novice I feel like I am wasting everyones time getting me up to speed.

Thanks, your RMJ is stunning.

Jason said...

Hi Allyen,

I met Walter on one of the bonsai forums when I posted a killer pine tree. He was going to be on the West Coast so he came up and I put togther workshops for him to pay for his costs. Since then it has been a yearly visit and I make sure he has work and good trees through for him.
Join the local club...that would be the best thing you can do. Network with the memebers and learn, learn, learn. You can't go worng. You are in the Denver area and that is a grat area to be doing bonsai. Lots of great trees and people to learn from. Get out and network in the club.

Best of luck!! Jason