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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Here is a spruce that I found at one of those one in a million nurseries. This spruce is grafted and is over 25 yrs old, all of which were in a container. That has led to good bark and a nice tree. The graft is pretty good, but from what I wanted to be the better front the graft was a little more obvious so I found another view that kept the good trunk line and less noticable graft.
Here is before, as I bought it several months ago.

After some branch selection

Again, midway through thinning and selecting branches for the overall design. Some of the larger branches had to go.
Almost done, the sun is starting to set......

Here is the front after the initial styling. This tree will back bud like crazy and fill in quite a bit this coming year. Next winter it will look 10x better. Next spring I will repot it and start reducing the root mass.

Top view....needs to fill in!
Initial styling done for now.

Next years photos will be much better....


subnetrix said...

Very nice tree.

Jason said...

Thanks! It has a long ways to go, but it got a pretty good start :)

Thanks, Jason

Scott said...

Nice start on this one; quick question, though. would the second branch up on the left side be better removed or jinned? Hard to tell when you're not looking at it 3-d, but it's angle is not there with all the others, and it might be better just gone. Just food for thought.


Jason said...

Hi Scott,

After looking in person I think it can stay for now. I agree with you though, and the wire I put on needs to be thicker to hold it in place better. I will fix this.
In the future though, this is a branch that might go, but gfor now wanted to leave it as an "insurance" branch.

Thanks for looking, I appreciate it! Take care. Jason