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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall Color 2

A very old Vine Maple I collected 2 years ago. This tree has to be over 200 yrs old. The trunk is bogger around than a basketball and on the branches you can count about 20 growth rings in about a 1 inch stretch on a branch thinner then a pencil. This is a very old tree. It also have amazing color, almost looks to be onfire!

Trident Maple. This is going to get its first styling this winter and its fist pot this coming spring. Under these yellow leaves is a very nice trunk.

A very good Katsura tree. The trunk has very good movement and lots of deadwood. This isn't a tree that you see everyday in bonsai. I think this tree has a good future.

Leaf close up

European Hornbeam. Coming along nicely
Super fat Wysteria trunk with amazing hallows. I am tree sitting this one with the ability to acquire it for myself. We will see. Trunk is atleast 10".

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