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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twisty Ponderosa

Here is a Ponderosa I collected back in the Rockies the summer of 2008. The pictures below were taken then.

I decided that it was time to work on it.I always knew what I wanted to do with the tree and the chance to work with good friends on trees presented itself I took this tree along. I learned quite a bit from a good friend of mine on some bending....

Now the after shots. The tree turned out pretty nice and looks much better in person. I look forward to getting it into a pot soon. This was just an initial styling and as it back buds and fills in it will be a special tree for me.


Dave said...

That's a very cool tree Jason, you did some great work there
Dave G

Al Polito said...

That tree is heartbreaking. I love it.

somegeek said...

Damn - that's pretty.

Rune Kyrdalen said...

I like this ponderosa jason! Very good work!