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Monday, December 28, 2009

Engleman Spruce

Here is an Engleman Spruce that I collected a few years ago. It has grown very well and was ready for some abuse :) Pictures don't seem to do this tree any justice at all! In person it is much better.
Pictures are as follows.....


Oregon Bonsai Pots said...

How do you plan on dealing with the pecker-straight upward branches, bar branching, reverse taper and lack of nebari?

Jason said...

Would you please quite looking at your own trees then commenting on them here?? haha
Nebari is there but under the soil, no bar branching... reverse taper however slight it may be can be dealt with with the removal of the dead wood and the pecker pole straight trunks are not so striaght in person.

This is only a first styling, keep that in mind.